1. My body reflects my thoughts and my thoughts are positive, strong and vibrant.

2. Every day I am growing stronger and healthier.

3. I am grateful for the lessons this dis-ease has taught me, and having learned those lessons, I release the dis-ease.

4. Positive thoughts heal my body

5. I radiate excellent health

6. My body is healthy, renewed and energetic.

7. I have all the energy and strength I need to enjoy my life.

8. I am welcoming the healing energy of light and love into my body.

9. I feel good.

10. My mind and body are one; the good thoughts in my mind influence my body in positive ways.

11. I honor the messages my body sends me.

12. I am healthy and happy.

13. I honor my body with excellent care.

14. My cells are filled with the love and light of source energy.

15.I love, respect and care for my whole self. (Loving yourself is vital to good health!)

16. I release all negative energy I have held in my body through forgiveness and gratitude.

17. As my words nurture others, so do they nurture me.

18. I am healthy and whole.

19. Exercise naturally boosts my energy levels.

20.I nurture every cell in my body with excellent nutrition.

ET part of me doesn’t believe I am really worthy of being loved, receiving attention and having a fun, easy and successful life, I am just going to honor and observe that for now.
ET part of me really questions whether or not I have the brilliance, the talent, the gifts, or the energy to go out into the world and be successful, and whether or not this is safe for me to do, I recognize these fears. But the truth is, there is more to me than I’ve seen so far. Buried within me is an untapped resource of brilliance, of boundless energy, of courage and enthusiasm, or inspiration and focus, and efficient actions.

I have an untapped potential with me
I have untapped genius
I may have seen some so far in my life
But that is nothing
Compared to how much more
I can unleash
So I am now asking for more
Of my own brilliance to appear
I am now allowing more inspiration
To flow through me
I am ready for streamlined
Efficient actions to manifest
Through my very hands

I speak directly to my subconscious mind
The part of me that makes quantum leaps
That is create
That has million dollar ideas
Just waiting to come forward
And I ask this part of me
For more brilliant ideas
For inspirations
For courage
For audacious action
For higher levels of leadership to emerge
For leveraged and efficient strategies to appear
I ask this of my subconscious mind

Knowing it is a treasury of untapped brilliance
And I am open and ready
And accepting and willing
For all the ideas, the inspirations
And nudges to act and appear
And when they do, I commit to hearing them
With an open mind and open heart
I commit to taking action
And recognizing the signs of my own brilliant genius
I believe that there is more to me
Than what I have seen so far
Than what I have shown so far
And I am open and allowing my brilliant genius to come through
For my highest good

I honor my value
I honor my expertise
I honor my money
And the way I value the expertise of others
I can see when something is valuable
And others can too
I now allow them to see my value
And the fabulous way I honor my value

I am valuable, awesome and talented
When I shine, I give others permission to shine as well
I deserve to have fun and create with ease
I deserve to earn a lot of money
I deserve to be successful
I deserve to be loved and appreciated
I deserve to be valued, seen and heard
It is safe now for me to be seen, heard and valued
It is safe now for me to be powerful and strong
It is safe for me to be the real awesome me

I now choose to surprise myself
By how easy and fun it is
To be and see myself as powerful and strong
To feel deserving and worthy
To feel loved, honored and appreciated
To be a successful businesswoman
To live with passion and joy
Yes, I deserve to get paid more
Yes, I am open to getting paid more
Yes, I allow others to pay me more
Yes and thank you, to clients who are ready to pay me more
Yes and thank you, Universe, for all of these gifts and for the awesome me

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