Shakti's EFT session left me feeling calm, present and motivated.


I had been wresting with thoughts and fears related to a health issue and Shakti offered to process my concerns using her eft therapy. The calmness and focus that she brought to the session allowed me to relax in such a manner that I felt comfortable giving voice to these feelings. After getting clarity on my feelings and what I would like to gain from the session, I lay prone on the massage table while Shakti gently tapped on my meridians, allowing past memories and stories related to my health to arise. Without judgement I felt completely free to explore my thoughts and sensations related to my health issues while she encouraged me with her presence and soft tapping.


Afterward I felt a deep sense of acceptance. I felt complete in having taken time to vocalize and reveal my associated concerns, memories and current self care practices. In fact some creative new ideas surfaced that motivated me to take new action in response to my needs.


Previously I had worked with Shakti using eft for fears and trauma related to swimming in the ocean. Since then I developed a new relationship with the waves that enables me enough comfort to enter and exit the water so I could enjoy swimming in the ocean.  

I recommend her as an extremely gifted and experienced eft practitioner. 


Abbie Rabinowitz  3/2019



I thoroughly enjoyed my first tapping session with Shakti. 

Star Estates Temple is a wonderfully serene environment to become quiet and present while tapping.

It was unlike any other I’ve experienced, partly because she gave me the option of lying down on a massage table instead of sitting.  That really added to me being able to completely relax and focus during the tapping process.

Shakti’s a very compassionate, intuitive,  skilled and gifted practitioner and was able to guide me to the root of some of my issues I’ve been struggling with during a relatively short time. 

I left feeling very much renewed emotionally and with some new insights.

Because of immediate changes and thought processes that came about in my life in just the following few days, I’ve incorporated tapping into my daily routine. 

Thank you Shakti for a very enjoyable session and a unique and valuable tool that I can use in this challenging time in my life right now. pastedGraphic.png


Annie Stiefel



I recently had a private tapping session with Shakti. I have been tapping on my own for years and used various guided tappings online. 


I was happily surprised when I put myself into her intimate and capable hands. Shakti was able to take me through a short guided meditation so I could discover what issue was relevant now to address. The answer was a surprise from what I thought I should tap on. 


As Shakti took me through a round of tapping, I noticed how relaxed I became. I thought, “Wow, she really listened! I’m in good hands!”


My pain (from a car accident which fractured my spine) was diagnosed as something I would need to live with. However, again to my surprise the pain that I experienced as a seven dropped to zero! Then I noticed I had pain on the other side of my back that was a three. 


Shakti gently asked me some more questions that delved the impact in my life two years after the accident and she listened carefully to some of my fears around identifying myself as having a disability and resistance applying for benefits. 


During the second tapping session, at one point I let out a spontaneous laugh. Shakti had put the focus in the tapping on the blessing of having benefits. In that moment my fear and confusion popped like a bubble. My indecision and internal ruminations turned into a clear call to action: “Of course I will apply, this is the purpose of such benefits. Its just an opportunity. If I qualify, I qualify. If I don’t qualify, I don’t!”


Our completion conversation after the session was mostly me thanking Shakti and my non-stop laughing in relief and clarity. 


Clearly a happy profound outcome I was never able to imagine or achieve in my own. 


Thank you Shakti!


Karin Payne

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