I've made some special videos especially for you.  Some of you are completely new to tapping, so I decided to make an introductory video for you explaining the points and giving you an experience so that you can cruise with me on my tap-along videos.

Then if you'd like to put it all together and have an experience of tapping, you can follow along here on Tapping on Stress: 
Tapping on the Self-Love Branch of Self-Compassion & Forgiveness:

Grow Your Self-Care Branch: 

Tapping into Self-Trust: 

Tapping into Empowerment: Empower the Victim!

Grow Your Self-Awareness  Branch: 
Grow Your Self-Acceptance Branch: 

Grow Your Self-Expression Branch!

Grow Your Self-Respect & Self-Honor Branch!Grow Your Self Esteem Branch
Grow Your Self-Pleasure Branch-Joy Booster
Grow the Roots of Your Self-Love Tree with Self-Worth

Tapping on Worthiness

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