Tapping into Wealth-

Find the Star Within Series with Shakti Hoku Douglas


7 Week Class either in person or by Teleclass



Discover how you really feel about the 5 types of money

and how your “emotional wiring” might be sabotaging your wealth.


Uncover the true reason you may be living paycheck to 

paycheck and learn how to free yourself of this pattern quickly 

and easily.


Experience a true internal shift in your confidence, inner sense 

of value, and belief about what is truly possible for you to be,

do, and have.


Accelerate your achievement of greater wealth by unleashing

your natural brilliance, enthusiasm, passion, and energy.


Harness the power of tapping to create the life of prosperity, 

wealth, and success you want and deserve.



For questions: Email Shakti at Shaktibalancing@gmail.com or call 808-965-8421

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