What does Find The Star Within Mean?

The "Star " has particular meaning to me and my family.  One reason is that my daughter is a professional circus performer and has been a "star" since she began her training at age 5.  She has had the gift of knowing her passion and going for it!

The home we live in is called, "Star Estates" and literally has hundreds of hanging

Stars.  When I was doing a cleanse of my Inner Mean Girl and I identified my Inner Wise Girl-her name became "Starla".

This concept of Finding the Star within originated in me when I was at a meditation retreat during the first year that my daughter was performing and traveling with a circus called "Circus Smirkus" when she was 11 years old.  I saw the circus ring as a metaphor for where our true stuff comes out-our essence.  The circus ring is like a hearth, a core, a chamber, or hub where all gather together.  Its like the stage or its even like a yoga mat where everything comes out-the good, the bad and the ugly.


Each child shines their light as they Enter the ring.  Magic comes out.  Each of us has a gift that is meant to shine and shine. So I love the symbol of Star for its has so many meanings.  I encourage you to find your own definition of what the Star within means to you.

The truth is that I  could have substituted the following words for Star:
Light, passion, purpose,power, dream, focus, intention, genius, brilliance, specialness,unique gift, love, gratitude, God , truth, or essence. So for me, finding the Star within encompasses all these qualities.

I'd love to hear what Finding the Star means to you. Read what some of my friends and clients think that Finding the Star within means and add your on interpretation! 


Here's what some of my clients and friends have answered to this question:




For me  "the star within" raises the idea of the light within. quakers - and joel's family (my husband's family) are practicing quakers . I  believe that everyone has a light within. as a teacher,;that's how i feel as well. for me.




Carole :


The Star is me-within me.






The star is my true Self


The real deal






The Star within is realizing who we really are.  I have faith in its presence and let it be.  Finding who you really are.







Sounds interesting! It gets my attention and make me think of seeking potential within.


Ffinding the star within means I have found the Real Me, and it becomes an anchor point, a reference point, to which I can always reconnect if I feel lost.

When I found that within myself, it made things so much simpler - if things don't align with my inner star, I do do them. if they do, I nurture and grow them. can be hard choices, bcz my head will want to go one way and star the other, but always in the end it's perfect.


A star is a shining object which stands out in the dark, a contrast to that which is around it.  A star within would be the light that shines on those around, to encourage, to inspire to give joy.


The first thing that came to me was a small cringe because I was raised by a consummate stage mother.  I wanted to run for my life from the “star” within.  Ultimately that “star” caused me great deal of pain and set me on a journey to find the human within.  The human to me is the better option.


My daughter and I did a waldorf inspired coming of age workbook called finding your star. It was focused on educating young people about their sexuality and helped them go within to explore their uniqueness. It was precious.

 When I think about my star within I consider it the work I signed up to do in this life. It is the gift I came to give. And I don't expect that gift to necessarially be recognized as a gift immediately or ever.




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